I am not an obssessive Lord of the Rings fan, as countless in the world are. In fact, hubby and I watched all three films just prior to coming to New Zealand for the first time, for the sole purpose of seeing the NZ scenery 🙂

In one of the trilogies, I remember Gandalf saying something that struck a deep chord in me, and that I never forgot. I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was something like, “Do not despise the beauty of a simple life.”

I guess this quote jumped out at me because the one thing I have never wanted is a simple life. I have wanted an exciting, spectacular, awe-filled, talk-of-the-town kind of life… To think that someone would describe my life as “simple” was unthinkable to me. Horrific, in fact.

I have gone to great lengths not to allow my life to be simple. Thankfully I was given a husband who has often restrained me in my search for the unsimple life.

But… here I am in gorgeous New Zealand. I have been busy, I usually make sure that I am… But, now, for the past week or so, I have found myself NOT busy, NOT creating distractions, and NOT living sensational days.

And to my utter amazement, I am content!

I now (finally) see what Gandalf was going on about when he said something like, “Never underestimate the blessing of a boring evening at home.”

It IS indeed a blessing to live a simple life. To not have 21 things to have to be doing. To not have 3 places to need to be today. And to just sit, at the feet of Jesus, being faithful to what He has called me to do, and to whom He has called me to be.

Yes… I see the wisdom in it now. And pray that I will not lose sight of this glorious realization.

If we have food and covering,

Dominican Republic,doors,dresses,hats,houses,indigenous culture,iStockphoto,old,people,Photographs,poverty,praying,rural scene,senior adult,simplicity,spirituality,standings,traditional culture,women,woodwith these we shall be content.
1 Timothy 3:8


3 comments on “Contentment

  1. Kuksa says:

    Cool post! And cool lady…how did you make her pose like that? 😉

    • Hi there! Thank you for reading my post!
      I didn’t actually take this picture, and unfortunately don’t know where the lady is from. I just took it off a clip art site on the internet, because I thought it would go well with what I was saying. It is a precious shot, isn’t it?
      God bless you!!! You’ve been an encouragement to me!

  2. Kuksa says:

    Is the lady from Mongolia?

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